Anhui Vocational & Technical College is proud of its many training centers, which makes it one of the outstanding young colleges in Anhui province and China as a whole. There are nine bases, including machinery dismantling and assembling base, electronic engineering maintenance base, refrigerating maintenance base, handwork base, metal-working base, chemical analyzing base, electronic installment base, color TV set maintenance base and garment-making base, as well as twenty-seven technical labs in our practicing and training center. The electrical engineering & electronic technology base is the branch of the national vocational college students’ training bases in Hefei, while the household electronic appliance and applied electronics base is the base for vocational college teachers’ training in Anhui province. The center has a capacity of 1250 where students can do experiments and training at the same time. 97% of the required experiments can be carried out here. In addition, the mechatronics base and the digital control operation base, which are currently leading training centers all over the country, will soon be completed.

The professional skill appraising center was set up in our college in 2003, and was approved by the Labor Department of Anhui province. 166 of the staff have acquired the qualification for assessor of professional skill. The professional qualification tests for 20 different kinds of professions, such as fitter, wireless assembler, electrician and turner, can be carried out here. 3500 students can take their professional skill appraising examinations here every year.

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